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Pacific Fire


Greg is a science fiction and fantasy writer who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Greg grew up in neighborhoods with hippies, criminals, working people, and movie studios. The colorful LA environment coupled with his love for comic books certainly fostered his creativity. Though he originally wanted to be a cartoonist or comic book artist, Greg became passionate about embarking on a career as a writer while in college.

Greg loves to read about adventure and heroism, both of which are abundant in his California Bones trilogy. California Bones, out now, is a contemporary fantasy novel about a wizard-thief attempting to recover his father's remains from the ruler of Los Angeles, a kingdom powered by the bones of extinct magical creatures from the La Brea Tar Pits. The adventure continues with the second book in the trilogy, Pacific Fire, which hits shelves on January 27, 2015.

California Bones and Pacific Fire are Greg's fourth and fifth novels respectively. He previously wrote Norse Code, an adult urban fantasy novel published by Bantam Books, as well as two middle-grade fantasy novels entitled Kid Vs. Squid (Bloomsbury Children's USA) and The Boy at the End of the World (Bloomsbury Children's USA). California Bones finds its roots in his 2006 short story, “The Ostemancer's Son”, which was anthologized in Year's Best Fantasy 7 and Best Fantasy of the Year: 2007. In addition, Greg has published a number of short stories and his story “In the Late December” was nominated for Nebula Award for Best Short Story."


Golden Son