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The Autumn Republic

DAMAGED GOODS by Dianna Anderson

DAMAGED GOODS explores the history of sexual ethics in the church and proposes a new way of looking at sexuality and sexual behavior. Inclusive, intersectional, and incisive, the book dismantles existing ideas about sexuality in church culture by engaging in conversation with the works of Joshua Harris, Justin Lookadoo, Leslie Ludy, Dannah Gresh, and more. Dianna then rebuilds sexual ethics from the ground up, seeking a world where consent, honesty, communication, and grace are central to the exploration of sexuality for Christian women. It comes out February 10, 2015.

Dianna Anderson lives in Sioux Falls, SD, with her cat, Moriarty (yes, named after the Sherlock villain). With two higher ed degrees, she's been writing non-fiction for most of her life, both inside academia and out of it. Having grown up in the church, she likes to explore the connections between church practice, theology, and modern culture. She is a contributor to Salon, Buzzfeed, RH Reality Check, Refinery29, and many more. She also blogs on her own website.


Damaged Goods