Tom Miller

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  • Dr. Bradley Nelson

    New York Times Bestselling Author and Holistic Physician
  • Jonathan Gottschall, PH.D.

    New York Times Editor's Choice Author
  • Dr. Cristal Glangchai, PH.D.

    New York Times Bestselling Author
  • AARP

  • Beverley Engel

  • Fred Pescatore, M.D.

    New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Victor Bumbalo

    Merrill Literary Award Winning Playwright and Novelist
  • Charles Casillo

  • Garrett Peck

  • Raj Kumar

  • Debra Whitman, PH.D., EVP, AARP

  • Ben Bensaou, PH.D., Insead Buisness School, Paris

  • Drs. Julia Mayer and Barry Jacobs

  • Lanie Robertson

    Outer Critics Circle Award Winning Playwright and Novelist
  • Steven Sidley

    UJ Debut Prize Winning Author

Tom Miller

Tom Miller joined Liza Dawson Associates as a senior literary agent in the summer of 2018 after three years as an agent with the Carol Mann Agency. Prior to becoming an agent, Tom held executive and senior editorial positions with Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Wiley, and McGraw-Hill. As an editor, Tom acquired and edited numerous New York Times bestselling and prize-winning books by authors including Deepak Chopra, Jared Diamond, Judy Collins, Steve Forbes, Erica Jong, Jack Cafferty, Ginger Rogers, Kirk Douglas, Dame Beryl Bainbridge, Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, Aphrodite Jones, Shirley Temple Black, Anna Murdoch, Oliver North, Annette Funicello, Dr. Loren Cordain, Charles Busch, Brian Wilson, Erich Schiffmann, and Peter Straub. He graduated from Harvard College with a degree in comparative literature.

What he's looking for

Tom is an expert in developing and selling both commercial and serious nonfiction. He’s especially looking for nonfiction by credentialed experts with strong networks and platforms in these areas: mind-body-spirit, narrative nonfiction, health and wellness, current affairs, biography, psychology and self-help, business, spirituality, popular culture, history (including cultural and social history), science, cooking, children’s nonfiction, LGBT interest, and sports. He’s also open to considering beautifully written and powerful memoirs by well-connected authors.

Regarding fiction, Tom is looking for authors of literary fiction with compelling characterizations and plots, well-written and distinctive thrillers and mysteries, LGBT fiction, and YA fiction.

Please send a query letter with a compelling overview of your project, no more than 20 to 25 pages of sample writing, a concise author bio, and your network/platform description copied and pasted into the body of your email (no attachments or snail mail) to [email protected]. Because of the large number of queries Tom receives, if he doesn’t respond to your query within six weeks feel free to follow up with him; if you don’t get a response, you may assume that Tom is not available to represent your project. Thank you.