Here’s How I’m Surviving The Post-Election Season

I’m reading Tim Parks’ WHERE I’M READING FROM: The Changing World of Books.

It may be the one of the most accessible, lucid books written by a formidable mind that I’ve read. (Phillip Lopate’s essays are high on that list, as well.)

Parks is a teacher and a translator and writes for The New York Review of Books. In a series of essays, he explores why we read what we do. He gossips knowledgeably about the Nobel Prize for Literature. He explains why we shouldn’t be smug about our highbrow taste. Why we shouldn’t feel superior about our reading habits. And just why e-readers so efficiently connect a reader with text.

I am so grateful to be spending time with Mr. Parks’s lucid books. Each time I reopen my Kindle, my shoulders relax and my breath eases. And now that I’ve discovered that he blogs for TNYRB I can get a regular dose of his sanity.

I read him during my lunch hour and (try to) refrain from checking in on Politico, Slate, Salon, The Hill, The Huffington Post, or The Daily Beast. Park’s essays gentle down the competing loud voices; he’s writing intimately, just for me.